Soft Play Escape Room Portsmouth

Ditch an hour at the gym for an hour in the fun, thrilling and brain-testing world’s first soft play escape room Portsmouth. Fun and healthy….Fealthy…

Fun Stuff and Innovative Puzzles

PLAY will have loads of awesome stuff: rope swings, rollers, climbing ropes, secret hatches, ball pits, slides, travelators. Working together with a market-leading soft play manufacturer, we can create the fun stuff that other escape rooms only dream of. Climbing is encouraged. Let’s make you a Gladiator!

Tons of hand-built, interactive and challenging puzzles in the soft play escape room to get the brain going. We pride ourselves on making unique and challenging puzzles having 3 years experience doing it. We like to break a mental sweat too!

Interactive Vending Machine

Interact with Brenda the Vendor – a supportive and motherly Artificial Intelligence vending machine. Brenda will be a completely unique hint system for players to interact with during the PLAY experience. She will built with our in-house robotics engineers. Give her tokens to get a hint and a treat. None left? Just be nice to her and she may still help you. She loves cake. The cake should not be a lie.

Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Sensors: Bespoke electronics behind-the-scenes that make it a truly automated and interactive adventure for that true WOW factor. Our electronics experts and designers will create bespoke technology and systems only available in the PLAY experience. Awesomeness included!

Immersive Set Design

Immersive and authentic sets, room aromas and atmosphere that will make you feel part of the story. We have the skills and knowledge to create amazing immersive experiences with realistic set design which we will be bringing across to this soft play escape room. A completely unique and world’s first adventure with YOU at the centre.

Opening 2019…

Unfortunately it is not open yet. However, you can view our other escape rooms.