Immersive Escape Room Southampton UK

Regarded as amongst the best in Hampshire, our escape room Southampton UK boasts 5-stars across Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. They consistently get 5-stars because of the amazing passion of the team who run the games and build them. Equally, having amazing customer service and innovative puzzle design. Other World Escapes ensures that all puzzles, sounds, smells and atmospheres are perfect for the theme which they are placed.

For example, the Mayan escape room smells like chocolate, has the rolling drums of the Mayan people and has a setting that screams authenticity. Having researched Mayan temple design throughout the whole creation process, our designers built the Mayan temple with realism in mind. Realism is at the very heart of what we do in our escape rooms.

Authentic and Realistic Escape Room Southampton

First, enter a Mayan temple, steampunk cigar lounge or abandoned space station for up to 60 minutes. Then, work in your team to find clues and solve puzzles to complete an objective before the time runs out. As such, our escape rooms in Southampton give you an amazing sense of accomplishment that you will remember for years.

The escape games are suitable for any age, ability, experience level or size of team. They are perfect for any team event, or as an exciting alternative to any other social activity. We provide immersive stories, authentic atmospheres and sensory experiences which consistently receive 5-star reviews across TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. Also, regarded as the most interactive and immersive escape rooms in Hampshire.

Three Awesome Escape Rooms in Southampton

Other World Escapes in Southampton houses 3 awesome escape rooms. First, fit for the adventurer type, the sensory escape room known as Mayan. Then there’s Vermilion: a steampunk style 1930s cigar lounge based on a secret society. Finally there is Abyss; a trip to the end of the universe with a droid as the hint personality. All these escape games are hosted in a way that allows 4 teams to race against each other and against the clock.