Immersive Escape Room Portsmouth

The largest escape room centre in all of Hampshire, our escape room Portsmouth, boasts a massive 7 unique escape games. Additionally, they consistently receive 5-stars across Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. This is because of the level of innovation and interactivity involved when playing the rooms. This comes from our chatty hint personalities, amazing set design and humorous interactions with our players. Our team has an amazing level of passion for our escape rooms and love what they do.

This really shows in the level of customer service and the amazing attention to detail. Other World Escapes in Portsmouth ensures that all puzzles, sounds, visuals and and atmospheres are perfect for the theme which they are placed, meaning you get “drunk” in the pub, the cigar lounge smells like leather and cognac, and the phobia experience challenges your own personal phobias.

Realism is at the very heart of what we do at our escape rooms in Hampshire. Revered as the most immersive escape room across Southampton, Havant, Chichester, Winchester, and Portsmouth.

Authentic and Realistic Escape Room Portsmouth

An authentic, realistic team-based escape room Portsmouth for huge parties of up to 40 players. Enter a blues style pub, a steampunk cigar lounge, an ice cave or chinatown for up to 60 minutes. Then find clues and solve puzzles to complete an objective before the time runs out. In light of this, our escape rooms in Portsmouth give you an amazing sense of accomplishment that you will remember for years to come.

Suitable for any age or size of team, our Portsmouth escape room is perfect for you. Hand-built, our games are perfect for any team event, or as an exciting alternative to any other social activity. We provide immersive stories, authentic atmospheres and sensory experiences which consistently receive 5-star reviews across TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google.