Dr. Gareth Beeston

Digital Marketer – University Lecturer – Escape Room Owner – D’n’B Enthusiast

Why I want to work for Liquicity

Liquicity is my favourite record label and drum and bass is my favourite genre of music. I love everything from the light beautiful sounds of Telomic all the way up to the punchy basslines of Fox Stevenson. I have been following Liquicity (and other labels like Ram and Shogun Audio) for a fair few years now and always keep myself updated with new tracks coming out like the very latest track by Voicians.

I usually go to drum and bass music festivals every year including Let it Roll, Boomtown and Rampage, but of course they were all cancelled this year – bad times. I even had a ticket for this year’s Liquicity festival, which of course was unfortunately cancelled recently. Over the past few years Maduk has become one of my favourite artists, having listened to his music since the launch of Never Give Up back in 2016. At this time, I had just started teaching digital marketing in Barbados at the University of West Indies, and it was a perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous sunshine for those perfect summer vibes. Falling has to be my favourite from that album and Go has to be my all-time favourite.

I believe my skills, experience and knowledge as a digital marketer and creative to be able to provide fresh, new and exciting ideas to Liquicity. I’d love to work closely with artists to make specific campaigns for each individual so they can make the best of digital marketing and events.

Why I think I am right for the role

Digital Marketing

I am an experienced digital marketer, having 12 years experience working, lecturing and consulting in Digital Marketing. I am currently the course leader for both the Digital Marketing and Digital Business courses at the University of West Indies Barbados, where I teach about the best practices and applications of Strategy, Market Research, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Content Marketing and Data-Driven Marketing.

I also perform the marketing and content creation for my own company, Other World Escapes escape rooms, being involved with writing the strategy for the company each year and applying the tactics to the development of our SEO, social media, PPC, email, events management, web design and direct sales.

For the past 2 years, I have also been working at the University of Portsmouth as a faculty marketing coordinator, performing all marketing activity and strategy development for the faculty of the Creative and Cultural Industries. This includes marketing for courses in virtual reality, music technology, computer games, art & design and many others. In this role, I would support course leaders in the marketing of their courses through content creation, advertising, marketing tactics and website updates.

Events Management

Throughout my role as Managing Director of Other World Escapes, I have been involved with organising events on a weekly basis both in B2C and B2B. We have had parties of nearly 100 people visit our escape rooms to play the games that I designed. I have also ben involved with organising events for the University of Portsmouth with attendance numbers of over 1000 people. I also was the lead organiser of an academic workshop in Hannover, Germany centred around Data-Driven Innovation on the World Wide Web. This event had academic publications as a result.

Creativity and Content Development

I have a breadth and depth of experience in content creation from both my studies and career. I have been involved with video production, image editing, website design and ad design for at least 10 years and love to try out new ways to find a route to market. I also am the sole person involved with designing and building our award-winning, 5-star escape rooms located in the UK. You can see our reviews by heading over to our TripAdvisor.

Skills and Experience

I have many skills in pre-production, production and post-production in many different programs:

  • WordPress (what this site uses)
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Premier Pro
  • After Effects
  • Avid Multimedia Composer
  • Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Mailchimp (+ automation)

Career History

  • Managing Director and Escape Room Designer, Other World Escapes, UK (July 2016 – Present)
  • Course Leader in Digital Marketing and Digital Business, University of The West Indies, Barbados (May 2016 – Present)
  • Faculty Marketing Coordinator for the Creative Faculty, University of Portsmouth, UK (August 2019 – August 2021)
  • Community and Innovation Manager, University of Southampton (October 2017 – May 2017)
  • Lead Digital Marketer and Client Liaison, Highfield Digital (December 2013 – October 2015)
  • Affiliate Marketing Project Coordinator, P&O Cruises (June 2014 – December 2014)
  • Web Communications Officer, University of Portsmouth (April 2012 – December 2012)

Education History

  • PhD – Social Innovation on the World Wide Web, University of Southampton – Pass
  • Master’s (MSc) – Web Science, University of Southampton – Distinction
  • Master’s (MA) – Marketing (Digital Media), University of Portsmouth – Distinction
  • Bachelor’s (BA) – Media Studies and Entertainment Technology, University of Portsmouth

I believe my skills, knowledge and experience would enable me to become an asset for Liquicity in any marketing and events-related roles. I would love to support the label in any way I can and very much look forward to meeting the team.