Abyss Escape Game Southampton

Attract a new loyal companion, Sir Droidac Newton, in the Abyss Escape Game Southampton.


The recent loyal companion of the recently missing Captain Amelia Harris, Sir Droidac Newton is a super intelligent droid. He never ceased to amaze his comrades with his level of creativity and flair – unseen in the thousands of droids that had been built before him. With his human-like thought processes, Captain Harris and him were friends, not just master and droid. However, this never really went down well amongst the Milky Way council. They would always insist on doing tests on Droidac to find the reason for his level of creativity and critical thinking. In light of this, Captain Harris always took him on her spaceflights and would insist that she never left Earth without him. Though, this never went down well with the council.

Droidac was preparing the ship ready for their next mission, but Amelia never came to the hangar. Reflecting on this as he does, Sir Droidac Newton became suspicious. As such, he longs for a new companion to find her and uncover the secret of her disappearance.


A happy-go-lucky droid that loves intelligent conversation about the stars, dark matter and the great beyond. Sir Droidac Newton, like his namesake, always had a fascination with gravity, and always wanted to uncover the secret of how it all came to be. In light of this, he ponders his own existence, reading the fascinating works of Descartes. Also, thinking about how different life would be if a few minor differences happened in the cosmos. Nevertheless, he is always on hand to help.


The Abyss escape game Southampton is a completely unique escape room adventure filled with technology-based puzzles and unique collaboration systems. Abyss is a one-of-a-kind escape room that takes you out of your own world and places you into uncharted space. Taking you on a journey to track down the base of the Syndicate and find the home of the Executive. However, without his companion, how can Sir Droidac Newton find it. He needs a team of highly intelligent individuals to control the spaceship and find out what really happened to Captain Amelia Harris.