Some big and wonderful things like the Play soft play escape room are coming in the future, so I’m particularly excited to be writing this one… There’s opportunity for you to grab yourself a bit of discount for your next OWE adventure. I also have some fantastic news to share with you all. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about it and I hope that you’ll also share my enthusiasm once you know what is coming. There may also be the chance for you to help push OWE and escape rooms in general to the next level and share in the bright future of that we have planned.

With two successful escape games under our belt MAYAN and VERMILION (if you haven’t played them yet, what’re you waiting for?) and the wealth of experience and insight thats given us. A passion for great games, and a drive to keep pushing the potential of this industry. We felt it was time to bring you something new. Something original and innovative. Something nostalgic? perhaps. Most importantly something fun! An adventure with you at the centre!

Announcing PLAY

It is my great pleasure to announce PLAY! the worlds first soft play escape room. It’ll be an incredible amalgamation of two worlds… the thrills and spills of things like; ball pits, rope swings, slides and more, with the challenge of inventive and original puzzles. And of course an original hint personality. It’s like TV’s Gladiators and Crystal Maze had a baby…

This brings me nicely to our Kickstarter campaign and the small survey associated with it. As you can probably imagine, a lot of work, time and effort goes into the creation of any escape room; the more ambitious the more work required. I think you’ll agree that a worlds first is a fairly large undertaking. And this is where we need your help and support! First help us to shape our upcoming Kickstarter campaign on our dream escape room, it will only take 2 minutes and you get £5 off your next escape room booking. Complete the PLAY survey and have your say.

You can also preview our campaign here at Kickstarter. The campaign goes live and we need all the support we can get, we’re offering some great rewards and are keen to get feedback from anyone who’s interested and would love to play something like this.

We’re super excited to get this project underway, I’m super excited to try it out, I hope that you all feel the same and together we can make this dream a reality.

Rob and the OWE team 🙂