Escape Room Branch Manager

Hello everyone, I’m Rob, a bearded and bespectacled guy – the new escape room branch manager. I’m super excited to have been recently appointed, for what I believe to be the best Southampton Escape Room. I’ve been working at Other World Escapes as a part time games master/host for a couple of months now and have eagerly awaited the chance to get on board full time. So, naturally, with amazing things planned for the future, I leaped at the chance. Garf and Nicole, the owners, are awesome people and to be part of their team is incredible. It is also incredible to be part of the fantastic Escape Games they have created, and the process of creating new ideas.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself and all that goes on here at OWE. So, for those that aren’t aware, we currently have two escape games across three rooms; Mayan, set in the depths of a Mayan temple, and Vermilion, a secret society whose HQ is a 1930’s cigar lounge. The two vermilions are mirrored and allow for vs mode play. Both have BIG personalities, that provide hints, help and on occasion comic relief. It is this element that I most enjoy about the job, playing up both of these very large characters and being part of the team attempting each room and the perplexing puzzles they’ll face.

My Experience

I have had many jobs, from running a restaurant, to sales and low level retail to name a few. All of which have given me transferable skills, that suit this industry well. None of which have even come close to being as enjoyable as this one. I’d also like to consider myself a bit of a creative person, which I feel helps a lot. Being escape room branch manager is by far the best job I have had. From puzzle design, to managing social media and actually hosting games. They all require different skillsets, and I look forward to every new challenge the day to day life at OWE brings.

I’ve now played several escape games myself and am always looking to try more. They have a strangely addictive quality. If you’ve played either of our games before or any others, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t tried one yet, do so! And what better place to start than Other World Escapes.

This blog is the first of many to come, with such wild and wonderful things coming up in the next few months, be sure to check back for regular updates and news from us at OWE. I look forward to meeting you all and keeping you in the loop with all things Other World Escapes.