I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it is very difficult to increase brand engagement.


Moreover, not only is brand engagement hard to increase, it is also hard to measure.


So, how do we exactly increase brand engagement?


I am going to give you one GREAT way to increase brand engagement in your escape room.


Let’s Get Emotional, Let’s Increase Brand Engagement

Sensory Escape Room For a Birthday Party


Humans are emotional animals. We constantly strive to feel a connection with everything we interact with. It’s in our genetic make up to make this emotional connection.


This is because once we make that emotional connection, we can grow our group and conquer bigger challenges together.


It is a fight for survival.


As such, it is a very important human trait and stems all the way back to our ancestral past.


Being Homo Sapiens we need that connection. Through engagement with something or someone, we can make a connection.


However, there needs to be a reason to engage.

You won’t be able to increase brand engagement without properly thinking about one thing in particular. One particular tool that marketers are now understanding is the crux of marketing.


What is it?


Well, if you read on, I will tell you…

Making a Human Connection

Our personal connections stem largely from our ability to empathise with others.


And our ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Our ability to imagine what another person is thinking.


So what can we devise to make this human connection?


Everything is in your story.

Mayan Escape Room Players

Through understanding a story, we can make connections with not only the business itself, but the people inside it. The characters. The protagonists and the antagonists.


We want to make an emotive decision based upon the story we hear.


Whether the story is factual or fictional is irrelevant. If it is emotive, it will work. This is why the primary way for us to be part of something is to understand the story behind it.


Through understanding the stories beneath the content, we can make the connections we are so desperate to make.


We can follow the characters on a journey to the edges of our imagination and empathise with them along the way.


Stories can inspire us, they can inform us and they can motivate us to make changes in our personal lives. This is why we watch films and read books.


We want to be inspired, informed and motivated. 


These changes could be as simple as having a new hairstyle or starting a new fitness program.


We crave stories. This is why we love to talk about series’ on Netflix, or what happened to Dave on a weekend in Prague. It is all in the story. It’s what engages us.


So, we must build a brand story.

How to build a brand story

Every brand has a story.


You may be thinking: “my company doesn’t have a story”.


You know what? I thought that too. But, regardless of your company, sector or industry, you do have a story.


If your business has an audience, you have a story. Why do you think your target market is also known as an “audience”?


Authoring a brand story is fundamental to building any marketing campaign. It is the first thing we should do when creating our marketing strategy.

Escape room players in the Vermilion escape room


Will people engage with the story?


If the story isn’t interesting, your audience won’t engage.


If your story doesn’t inspire, your audience won’t be inspired.


Our stories need a sense of purpose. With our purpose, we can give our audience direction and make a deeper connection. Where we will be engaging with the Emotional Selling Point (ESP), not just our Unique Selling Point (USP).


Every company has a USP. However, this is very much a sales pitch.


Our customers are more savvy than that. So we must give them the credit they deserve. And give them the stories they seek.


We don’t want to ‘sell’ to them anymore. We want to create an environment that inspires, motivates and engages them to take action of their own accord.


Through inspiration and motivation, we will get what we deserve for providing the story. But it is not done overnight. We are playing the long game.


We need to make sure that our story is being portrayed through everything we do. It need to be in ALL of our content. It needs to be presented by all of our staff.


Every part of your business is part of the story. 

So, we are not about simple Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) anymore. We are talking about a rich tapestry of content, characters and interactions which add to the story.


We can use all of our channels to add to the story.


Building a strategy in such a way helps to keep our customers engaged. Through further engagement with our other channels, our customers make that connection.


An emotional connection breeds brand loyalty.


When we have customers who are loyal to the brand, we have customers who will be an advocate for your brand. They will shout from the rooftops about how much they love you.


They will be creating amazing animations about your business.

Check out this amazing animation one of our awesome escape room players made for us. 

How Do I Go About Building a Brand Story?


I hear you ask…


The first thing we do is answer a few questions.


1. Where did the idea for your business come from?

The best ideas are sacred. Tell the world where it came from and you will inspire others to seek the holy grail of ideas. It will reinforce your confidence in your brand and motivate others to find their own idea.


2. Where does your passion come from?

When people see passion, they applaud it. If you are in business you will almost certainly have passion for what you do. That’s why you live and breathe what you do.


People buy from people (with passion). 


Passionate people inspire us and motivate us to get passionate about what we love.


3. How does our story end?

Consumers want closure.


However, people also love cliffhangers and comebacks. Always leave them wanting more. Or leave them guessing what is coming next.


Using intrigue as a narrative tool can really build brand engagement and get people guessing about what’s next.


Through answering these thought-provoking questions we can understand our story and our place within it.

As the owner, you are a main character in your story. So, your story has to come from a place close to home. You must live it.


What is Our Story?

At Other World Escapes everything we do is centered around our story.


We let you “Be the Hero in your Own Adventure”.


You must battle through mental puzzles and physical challenges to find ancient and powerful artefacts from a Mayan temple, a steampunk Vermilion cigar lounge, or an abandoned space station in the Abyss. Our games make you the protagonist in our stories.


You become the HERO.


But who are you pitted against? Well every story needs its antagonist…


Let me introduce you to The Syndicate – an evil interdimensional organisation that tricks escape room players into escape room scenarios for one purpose only: you, the hero, retrieving the artifacts for them so they can become more powerful.

The Syndicate

But who are The Syndicate?


Our trained and expert games hosts. They are said to be employed by The Syndicate to perform this act of coercion and misdirection.


They are seen to have a depiction of a globe with a maze-like structure around it. This portrays The Syndicate control over the world and the style of tasks they set the heroes.


How Does Our Story Increase Brand Engagement?



Through everyone having a role in the story, the story is brought to life. Our customers make the connection with the characters and our staff.


Not only is the story something our customers can read, it is something they can be involved with. They can engage with the story on a personal and emotional level.


This personal engagement with our story means they have a personal connection to our brand. To increase brand engagement and brand loyalty.


This is one of the reasons why 75% of our customers return to us.


A story gives us purpose, motivates us, inspires us and engages us. We must produce stories and live them through our brand, to show our customers our true passion.


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