Ever thought of doing an escape room for a birthday party?

The smell of chocolate billows through the doorway when the portal was opened as they plummet themselves into darkness… What happens next was up to them.

Did you think you can get out on time?

Today, a family came to play our Mayan escape room for their daughters 12th birthday. It was their first time to an escape room. They were not sure what to expect, unsure if they had they logic to overcome the challenges within. Tentative and on edge, they plucked up the courage to venture through the portal, leaving the world they once knew behind. They enter into the Mayan temple for the first time…

The age-old question: What should I do for my birthday? seems to come around every year. I think you will agree with me when I say that it’s very difficult to come up with something fun to do that anyone can join in with

We are too and it’s about time something comes along that gives you the adventure, fun and excitement you are craving.

Ever thought about doing an escape room for a birthday?

The world of escape rooms is the best experience anyone can get involved with no matter their age. Age is just a number right?


An escape room for your birthday can bring together the fun and excitement you crave, whilst also providing you with an opportunity to bond with your family and friends. Give it a try, by booking now.