An Adventure With You At The Centre

I am sure you will agree that deciding what to do for your birthday can be challenging.


And we know that people will be asking you “what are you planning to do?”

But we don’t always have the answers…

However, I would like to help you make that decision a lot easier.

Because there are loads of fun things to do in Southampton that we consider to be the best birthday party ideas in Southampton. 


I am sure you would be very keen to find out what they are.

Best birthday party ideas in southampton

At Other World Escapes, we want to make your job of finding the best birthday party ideas in Southampton a lot simpler.

This is why we are going to tell you the 8 best birthday party ideas in Southampton. We are nice like that.

The 8 Best Birthday Party Ideas in Southampton

8. Throw a House Party

Everybody loves a good house party. Especially the ones who don’t need to clean the place up.

But, as it’s your birthday you won’t have to.

It’s a win-win situation. You get to enjoy the party atmosphere, choose your own music and invite whoever you like, but you don’t have to tidy up.

It can be a great way to let off steam in an affordable way. You also won’t even have to go very far to your bed if the party is at your house.

So whether you are a struggling student or just don’t have a huge amount of money to impart on your birthday celebrations, house parties are a great way to bring in the new age.


7. Go Out Clubbing

If you are at the right age, clubbing can be a great alternative to staying indoors.

We know it’s an obvious choice, but there are a fair few decent clubbing spots around Southampton.

Oceana and Orange Rooms are great places to party til you drop, providing music for people from all walks of life.

One of the advantages of going clubbing instead of having a house party is the amount of people you can invite. You can even invite Bob down the end of the road who you once gave your last Rolo.

Clubbing as a birthday party idea in southampton

6. Have a Dinner Party

If you are at that age where having a quiet night in sounds like the perfect birthday, why not get some close friends round for a slap-up meal.

You can get all dolled-up, make it themed or even play some parlour games.

Having a dinner party can be a rather cultured affair, or it can be ordering in some Dominos from up the road.

If this is something that tickles your fancy, you can find some amazing recipes on BBC Good Food.

Of course, we can always start with a dinner party and combine it with number 1 afterwards. Hey, there’s no rules here.


5. Have a Barbecue

With summer knocking on our door and June starting out to be a pleasant month for weather, we can dust off the old barbecue.

Just like a house party, we can get all our mates round for a few drinks with all that lovely barbeque food.

Obviously, being in the UK, still need to bear in mind the weather. Oh the glorious and changeable weather.

As such, if we go down this route. We want to make sure we have a backup plan. We don’t want our food to end up swimming in rain sauce.


4. Go To The Theatre

Southampton has many great theatres.

Celebrating its 90th year, the Mayflower Theatre is a wonderfully beautiful theatre in the centre of Southampton.

The Mayflower Theatre is soon to show some amazing shows such as Wicked, Swan Lake and Dick Whittington to name a few.

The theatre itself is somewhat of an icon in Southampton, representing the style and design of buildings past. Beautiful architecture and great shows.

What more could you want?

Well I’ll tell you.

Why not couple up your visit to the theatre with an escape room
Theatre in Southampton


3. Feel Exquisite in Bring and Mix

Bring & Mix is a gem in Southampton.

At Bring & Mix you enter a world hidden in history. Follow the waitress through the hidden door and into a beautifully-designed drinking parlour.

Effervescent of the USA during prohibition America, Bring & Mix brings that feeling of 1930s America to life through the taste buds. Some may even compare the likes of the style with the Vermilion Escape Room.

These two activities work great as a pairing to take you through a historical trip through the 1930s.

Set in a speak easy lounge where you bring your own alcohol to have them mixed into cocktails for you.

The very experienced mixologists will then create some wonderful cocktails from the selection of alcohol that you have brought with you.

They allow you to either order some classics, like a mojito or cosmopolitan, or you can let them exercise their creative flair and make some amazing, unique cocktails specially for you.

It is a great experience from start to finish and it never feels busy.

Buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot. They tend to ‘sell out’ rather quickly as they don’t sell all their seats.


2. Go To Go Ape

One great activity up in the Itchen Valley Park is Go Ape.

If you haven’t been to Go Ape yet, you must. It’s an awesome outdoor activity that includes rope swings, tarzan swings, rope bridges and all sorts of awesome stuff in between.

Not too far from the city, Go Ape is set in the lovely idyllic Itchen Valley park to the north of Southampton.

It has 2 great adventures to choose from: The Tree Top Adventure and the Tree Top Junior adventure.

The team at Other World Escapes have been to Go Ape loads of times and enjoyed it every time. We are very inspired by the types of activities that you can get involved with there, that we even have taken inspiration for one of our escape rooms.

Our Soft Play Escape Room will have loads of cool physical activities like travelators, rope swings, ball pits and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Kind of like Go Ape indoors.

The soft play escape room, named Play, will be launched in the spring of 2019. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all news relating to our current games and future escape rooms.

1. Play An Escape Room

Escape Rooms are one of the fastest growing fun things to do in Southampton.

They have somewhat become THE thing to do for your birthday, stag do, hen do, or just about any day of the week when you want something cool and interesting to do.

Escape Rooms are activities where you go in a room for an hour with a team of friends and you have to find clues and solve puzzles against the clock in order to complete the mission.

At Other World Escapes, we pride ourselves on creating the most interactive escape rooms in all of Hampshire.

We have talking robots, Mayan Gods and droids that you can interact with during your game.

Our games also include sensory experiences, where you have to use, not only your intelligence, but your sense of smell, sight, sound and touch in order to discover the world beyond.

We have 3 amazing adventures.

An immersive Mayan temple, where you have to pray to the Gods to find the elixir of life.

A steampunk cigar lounge Vermilion, which takes you through the life and times of a genius inventor from the 1930s.

And Abyss. A fully-immersive space adventure set on on an abandoned space station.

We get many people coming to celebrate their birthday at Other World Escapes, and you can se by our reviews that they did not regret their choice.

Escape room players in the Vermilion escape room

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