Nicole and Garf in front of Mayan altar


Hi! We are Nicole Thompson-Vassel and Gareth (Garf) Beeston and we love what we do. At Other World Escapes we provide the most sensory, unique and immersive escape room experiences for any social occasion. We are budding and passionate escape room enthusiasts who live for the thrill of adventure, teambuilding and fun. Every single team that we gamesmaster presents us with a completely fresh and exciting way to look at our worlds of puzzles. It never fails to put a smile on our face.

Our escape rooms transport your senses to another world with your friends, family, colleagues or dates. Communicate and work collaboratively in order to conquer your objective and the other reality.


Back in the day, Garf went on his travels across the European continent and ended up in a little known city called Amsterdam. Through searching high and low what things to do there (other than the usual), we came across a place called Sherlocked and had the absolute best time there. From that day on, Garf wanted his own escape room.

He went back to the UK and told his partner, Nicole, and she was ready to give it a go. With a couple of adventurous friends, we played an escape room in Orlando and everyone was hooked. 30 or so escape rooms and lots of research later, the team set up the UK’s most extensive escape game directory, Through working together on EscapeGameHub, they believed they had the passion and knowledge to put together an escape room worthy of adventure and fun. An immersive, theatrical show now named Other World Escapes.


GARETH BEESTON, AKA GARF, is our managing director, a chipper chap who loves to solve challenges, thrives on teamwork and has a penchant for digital marketing. From owning digital marketing agency, Highfield Digital, and being a lecturer at the University of West Indies in E-Marketing, Garf is keen to boost the popularity of the industry as a whole and bring it to the forefront of team entertainment. He believes escape rooms work as a great alternative to the cinema, bowling and paintball and can be a great fun thing to do in Southampton. Gareth and Nicole - Managing Director and Creative Director

NICOLE THOMPSON-VASSEL, our creative director, has years of experience in quantity surveying, customer service, marketing and planning. She also has a specialised skill in putting together unique and diverse puzzles that really get the cogs working. Nicole raises the bar for quality escape rooms in the UK, urging owners and designers to think outside of the box when designing their games. She is a genius gamesmaster and provides the true level of immersion that escape room enthusiasts are yearning for.


Other World Escapes is happily partnered with Nousha Lounge coffee, cocktails and cake and Stellamar employment solutions to provide our customers with the best party and team-building experiences whatever the occasion.


We are a very energised pair who would love to welcome you to our story-driven, sensory and immersive escape room in Southampton. So, what are you waiting for? Book now to get your tickets to a 100% 5-star-rated experience.